Travel to Singapore

Hi Readers,

I am happy to say that, finally I write my own blog.
This is my first post and I really want to share my travel experience to everybody who is going to travel to Singapore.

This was my family visit to Singapore in 2009. Well it was not a whole member of my family. There were only me, my little sister and my dad. We (my sister and I) just tagged along with my dad. He had his office gathering to Singapore with his friend and we wanted to go as well.

We flew the there with AirAsia with their friendly tagline ‘Now Everyone Can Fly’

We were still too young to think about anything. Look at those luggage. Yap, too small but anyway, we were so happy.

Day 1.

We arrived at Changi International Airport Singapore. Walking along its huge airport. Look at us, twins T-shirt..Say no more



Changi International Airport Singapore

On the first day, we were walking around the city and sight-seeing. We went to Merlion Park to take pictures. We were about to take Singapore River Cruise but we didn’t. Again..too young to remember the reason. The weather was nice, not too hot and not too windy.


MRT Station


Merlion Park


On the second day, we woke up early because we wanted to go to someplace that is far away. We went to Haw Par Villa. At that time, we took buses to go there but now I just searched in the internet and it can be reached by using MRT and travel with yellow line. Haw Par Villa is a Chinese theme park. You have to pay nothing to go inside this theme park. This theme park has more than 1000 statues and 150 huge dioramas depicting Chinese mythology, the famous Journey to the West scenes and the scary 10 Courts of Hell. It was nice but to be honest… I was not really interested. In the afternoon we rode a cable car to go to Sentosa Island.We had to go to Harbour Front first if we wanted to go to Sentosa Island. They were building something big.. What that could be? Here are some pictures that I have.


Haw Par Villa Entrance Gate



Sentosa Island

On the third day, we were walking around the city. We went to Bugis Junction, Chinatown to buy souvenirs, Mustafa Centre to buy chocolate and Arab Street to see Sultan Mosque.


It’s me 😀




Sultan Mosque

On the fourth My dad and my sister and I went to Singapore Science Centre. We could see lots of science thingy or projects or even show. The only thing that I remembered, there was a giant dinosaur inside this building. We were walking around and ended up playing snow in Winter Wonderland. Too bad I didn’t bring camera because we were busy playing, throwing ice, and sledding.


Singapore Science Centre


Winter Wonderland


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