Malaysia and Singapore

Hey! Today I am going to share another journey to same/different place.

This time My whole family visited Singapore because we got another IDR 0,- from AirAsia. It was Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur cost IDR 0,- ; Kuala Lumpur to Singapore (I forgot how much the price) ; Singapore to Jakarta (I also didn’t know how much it cost).

Day  1
There were 12 of us going this time. It was a big family journey. We arrived at KLIA2 (before it was Low  Cost whatever the name airport). We took a bus from airport to KL sentral. From KL sentral we took train to go to Bukit Bintang and our hotel was somewhere near there.

We were walking around, having lunch and doing a little bit shopping. In the afternoon we went to Kuala Lumpur Tower and had a look inside.



Menara KL




Bukit Bintang


Day 2
The whole family woke up early because we wanted to go to Batu Cave. Batu Cave is a place that has a giant gold Budha and it is like a temple I guess. It was so hot..too hot to remember. There is a huge gate in front. There are also a lot of steps to go up. My cousins, my sister and I decided to climb those stairs. It is high. On our way to the top, there were lots of monkeys. When we have arrived there, I could see statues and some scenery. I also remembered the smell of the cave. It was pretty smelly at time.

In the afternoon we visited Dataran Merdeka.


Me in front of Giant Budha


Those steps though



My sister and I in the cave


Me in Dataran Merdeka

Day 3
We went to have sightseeing around the city. We went to Pasar Seni, Chinatown or Petaling Street if I am not mistaken.


Petaling Street

Day 4
We went to Genting Island. From KL sentral we had to take a bus ride. It took around 2 hours if I am not mistaken. When we have arrived, we needed to ride a cable car. It was a bit foggy at that time. We were playing and also visiting snow world. We were so happy


Genting Island


I am inside the cable car 😛

Day 5
We have arrived in Singapore. We were just riding a giant wheel, Singapore Flyer. It was so huge. We got a chance, the 12 of us, got into one capsule. It was so pretty. I could see anything from there yet it was scary at the same time. After that we went to Clark quay to see sunset. It was so beautiful


Singapore Flyer Tickets



It’s Us inside Singapore Flyer

Day 6
Finally after looong days, we went back home. No matter how great other country is or other places home is always going to be the best.


See you again in the next journey.


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