Hong Kong and Macau Journey

#Hey! This time I am going to tell a story of my journey to Macau and Hong Kong in 2013.

As an opening, I need to tell you this..Again and again we got a good deal flying with Singapore Airlines from Jakata to Hong Kong. The price was really shocking. Okay just let’s get started.

Day 1
Since I flew with SQ, we had to have a 1 hour transit at Singapore. It was short anyway. We had to move to another aircraft. It took around 4 hours from Singapore to Hong Kong. As soon as we arrived there, we didn’t go out from the airport. We went to a port or whatever the name. We purchased the ticket and sailed by a convenient ferry ship to Macau.

We have finally arrived in Macau. We took bus to our hotel, dropped our luggage and went straight away to The Venetian Macau. It was huge and sophisticated. It is a shopping mall that has the replica of Venice. The price in there was expensive.


Day 2
We woke up early and we went to Senado Square. It is like an old historical place I guess or maybe or actually true. It was a bit hot at that time. We went to St. Paul Ruin. To go there, we had to pass like shopping complex and well ya not so long walk to reach that place. After walking, we finally found the place. It was good actually.


In the afternoon we went to Macau Tower. We bought the ticket and we went around Macau Tower. I could see everything from the top. Running man was there to film their episode ( I mean in Macau as well) they have attractions outside Macau Tower Ring. I didn’t try it because First I am scared like crazy, second it is expensive.

At night we were walking around and the city was pretty. There are a lot of light. They said Macau is city of light and also there are so many casinos


Day 3
We sailed back to Hong Kong. We stayed in Kow Loon area. The area was always crowded. I could see a lot of shops from souvenirs, clothes and even make up store. The price in Hong Kong, to be honest, it is very cheap. If you want to go for branded bags with good price, you can go to City Gate.  If you start in the MTR, you take MTR and transfer to Tung Chung Station and then take Exit C. If I am not mistaken, this place is one station away from Disney Land Hong Kon g. If you want to shop here, please brace yourself. LOL


Day 4
It was Disney Land Time! I am going to share the story personally in other page. Stay tuned!

Day 5

On day 5, we were having sightseeing time around the city . One thing I don’t really like. It was hard for me to find Halal food in here, well or maybe because we didn’t try hard to find. So mostly we ate junk food. In the afternoon, we went to Ladies Market. It was a night market. It was heaven. There were so many cute stuffs from clothes, bags, shoes, phone case and whatever you want. In here, you have to bargain at least half of the price. Some of them would give the price that you wanted. I got phone case, shoes, clothes, bags and accessories. All of them were cute, cheap and well I could say with good quality.

Day 6
Today we woke up early again. We went to Ngong Ping Village. We rode a cable car to go here. There is a big Buddha and we have to climb up the steps. Too bad, at that time Hong Kong was surrounded by fog. So we literally couldn’t see anything. In the afternoot, we went to Avenue of Stars to see Bruce Lee statue and watched Laser Light Show.


Big Buddha (foggy)


Avenue of Stars (foggy)


Avenue of the Stars

Day 7

On day 7, we went to Madam Tussaud Hong Kong and The Peak Hong Kong. As far as I remembered. We purchased the ticket all together with the train back to the city. I could see many artists in wax version. After spending some time inside Madam Tussaud Hong Kong, we went to the Peak, but unfortunately, it was all covered with fog. Too bad. In the afternoon, we had sightseeing in Cause Way Bay. Cause Way Bay is another land ( I guess ) because I needed to cross the river with ferry to go to Cause Way Bay. Well there are a lot of shopping Centre with high end brand there. So I only walked around and enjoyed the scenery.

Day 8 go home

Yeay! It is time to go home. No matter how great other country is, my room is always be number one.

See you again in my next trip.


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